Jonathan Weis - Science and Mathematics


What excites you most about working at Dublin?  Community and flexibility are the two qualities I value most at Dublin. Knowing every member of the community brings us together with a sense of common purpose. I also appreciate the flexibility that is available to faculty, regarding teaching styles, for example. Dublin strikes an appropriate balance between offering independence and guidance to teachers, a balance that has been valuable to me over the years, and which is helpful for new faculty, as well. Previously I taught in a small public high school which shared many of Dublin's virtues, but where the community aspect was weaker. We did not share the same goals to the extent that we do at Dublin.

Have you changed at all since you came to Dublin? How so? Dublin has made me more patient, I think. The variety of students and cultures at Dublin has helped me to understand the variety of backgrounds that students bring our community.

Why do you teach and what do you love about your discipline? I teach for many reasons. A principle benefit is the endless variety and stimulation that the profession offers. Teaching has not gotten old after twelve years here. It seems unlikely that this would be true of other pursuits.

What animates you? I am animated by a team of experts at Pixar studios. However, this is a secret and should stay that way.

What do you do outside of school that enhances your teaching? Or, what do you do outside of school that would surprise your students? It's hard to claim that much of what I do outside of school directly enhances my teaching. However I read a great deal on a variety of subjects, much of which informs my teaching indirectly. In addition, I use math constantly, whether I am checking that the volume of cordwood I was sold was priced honestly or working out the effort required to get home on my bike at the required time.

What do you do to push kids outside their comfort zone in the classroom? Students are probably most uncomfortable then they are responsible for demonstrating their thinking at the board. My Precalculus class has to do this a lot, which some of them find problematic.

Why is it fun to be in your classroom? Its fun to be in my classroom because I have fun, exciting, students.

Why did you choose Dublin School? I chose Dublin School in preference to the job I held at the time as a mechanical engineer. Although I had found teaching frustrating in the past, Dublin seemed to offer the potential of a better experience for me. I feel that events have vindicated that decision.