Bernarda Del Villar - Español

I teach at Dublin because I love the students! They are full of curiosity and energy, they are creative and believe in what their teachers have to give them. I love Spanish and I love interacting with the students and see their progress in the language, it is amazing when I am outside the classroom and they talk to me in Spanish and try to impress me with their skills…

Bernarda Del Villar making a point to Spanish III students.

Bernarda Del Villar making a point to Spanish III students.

I am committed to getting to know them and use this knowledge to help them succeed in the classroom and beyond it. Teaching is a craft and I take it seriously!

The diversity of students at Dublin help me realize my full potential. The students keep me motivated, passionate, engaged and make me give my best! I love them!

I definitely love the unique structure of Dublin, where the students have the opportunity to do what they want in the academics, athletics and residential life and have a holistic experience. One of my favorite moments is Milk and Cookies, one of the School’s tradition, I am always surprised by the conversation and the energy the students put at that moment of the day.

Three things people don’t know about me

  1. I am a diehard Colombia’s National Soccer Team fan.
  2. I enjoy good classic movies and coffee.
  3. I think it is always a beautiful day in New Hampshire.