Our Values

Some schools are supportive. Others are intense. Being both is hard. We work diligently at this difficult balance in order to bring out the best in our students and ourselves.

Our success as educators is based on a foundation of values that are well established and drive the success of the individual student and the overall school.  While it might be possible to define these values separately, they are not fully distinct from each other. Rather they are linked, mutually reinforcing and collectively result in greater success.  

They include:

Educational Values

  • Rigorous College Preparation

  • Respect for Individual Learning Styles

  • The Need for the Student to Invest in Themselves

  • The Value of Being a Leader

  • Thinking Outside the "Box"

Social Values

  • Discovering a Student's Potential in All Areas of Life

  • Communal Spirit

  • Positive Peer Culture

  • Making a Positive Contribution to School and Community

  • Meaningful Work

Personal Values

  • Taking Personal Responsibility

  • Discipline

  • Living in Balance

  • Personal Risk Taking

  • Independence

Our Mission

At Dublin School we strive to awaken a curiosity for knowledge and a passion for learning. We instill the values of discipline and meaningful work that are necessary for the good of self and community. We respect the individual learning style and the potential each student brings to our School. With our guidance, Dublin students become people who seek truth and act with courage.

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Our school size is ideal in promoting the engagement and growth of the individual student. No one falls through the cracks. They can't. Dublin students are engaged and busy. They are encouraged to try new things. We need kids who are willing to participate in lots of different things - academic adventure, athletics, the arts, outdoor activities, and work gang.


The high-school years can often be hard for kids. Trying to discover who a person is and confronting the demands of our culture can be confusing. Unfortunately, too many kids in other schools feel the need to hide who they are. Dublin's scale and culture allows students to rediscover their inner voice.

Some of our finest students, athletes, artists and actors have never programmed a computer, waxed a ski, handled a paint brush or mounted a stage prior to coming to Dublin. In a different school, they might never get a chance to try, be paralyzed by the possibility of failure or be discouraged by social pressure -- at Dublin they are pushed, encouraged and supported in trying.


The world that teenagers face is increasingly filled with complexity - differing and competing cultures, ideas and values challenge how we value and see the world. Dublin is intentional in creating an ideal balance of students from differing backgrounds and nations. We want students to learn from the diversity of their and their friends' experiences.

This leads directly to enhanced respect for all persons and the ability to work and socialize with others. Our environment welcomes a diversity of interests and perspectives and prepares students for an increasingly complex world.

Adult Commitment

We pride ourselves in unsurpassed support dedicated to the educational growth and personal development of our students. On our campus, everyone is an educator - whether their "job" is in the classroom, on the athletic fields or in the kitchen. If you look carefully, you will see students exploring bee keeping, building skis, fishing or playing pond hockey with a member of our faculty, a trustee of the school or a member of our buildings and grounds staff.

Hard work, Joy earned.

Among our oldest traditions, work gang goes back to Dublin’s earliest years, when students, teachers, and staff worked together to build their school. Today’s work gangs continue the tradition of tackling substantial projects and discovering that teamwork makes it possible to “get it done.” Work gang teams carve out new trails on Dublin’s campus, grow food, and cut firewood, deliver and stack it for needy families in Dublin’s community. Work gang is one of Dublin’s most enduring and beloved “classrooms”— providing lessons about life and the world we live in.


Dublin's location is ideal. In the center of the Monadnock highlands (though close to Boston and NY), we are surrounded by mountains, clean lakes, dirt roads and wildlife. Though rural, Dublin long has been a center for intellectual life. For over 100 years, writers and artists have made Dublin a summer or permanent home. Mark Twain and Henry James wrote here. Abbot Thayer invented camouflage here. Amelia Earhart landed her plane on Dublin Lake. The first public library in the United States was located at the bottom of our driveway. Yankee Magazine is our closest neighbor.