Arts at Dublin

At Dublin we believe the arts are an essential part of a well-rounded education and a fundamental aspect of human expression.

The Arts Department offers courses in visual arts, dance, music, theater and film that serve both experienced, passion-driven young artists and students with little or no previous exposure to arts education. Dublin students can choose from a variety of visual and performing arts electives each term in order to fulfill their two-year requirement. It is recommended that at least one of these years be dedicated to honing one’s skills within a particular field of study. In addition, we offer a plethora of extra-curricular arts opportunities.
Learning in the arts offers students a vehicle for communication and expression, a way of knowing themselves and others.  Arts classes at Dublin involve discovering new questions and producing new ideas, objects, performances, or interpretations from the study of existing works and conventions. We challenge and nurture students as they take risks and explore divergent, non-linear ways of thinking. Students collaborate with each other and grapple with problems that have multiple solutions. Learning in, about, and through the arts develops each learner’s capacity to make meaning from experience and knowledge, respond to creativity, celebrate diversity, and contribute to society.

Our arts faculty is comprised of committed educators who are also working artists themselves within their respective fields. We actively seek out enrichment opportunities that will expose our students to contemporary and classic work through field trips to professional performances, private lessons, masterclasses, and guest artists who present and speak about their work.

Come create and collaborate with us!