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“Dreams don’t work unless you do…”

I came across this statement in a little card shop in Madison, Wisconsin where I danced as a guest artist last week. It got me thinking – this is a particularly true statement in the arts. There is a notion that artists have great passion and love for what they do and so, inspiration and “product” must flow freely and easily from them… Not so. The arts require unrelenting discipline. 

Movies That Changed Us

"That movie changed my life!" How often have we heard that bit of hyperbole? Hopefully, my film courses elicit such a response. This year I offered three courses that blend cinema and history, often shifting perceptions about race, religion, politics, and sometimes the very definition of humanity.

Mayfair is upon us!

Just the other night I had a dream. I arrived at the FAB for the Mayfair dance performance to find the sound system moved to form a wall outside on the grass in front of New Dorm and all of the boxes of costumes neatly arranged on outdoor shelves. “What if it rains!” I exclaimed, “These boxes are not weather-proofed… And we need this sound system inside – the dance is inside this year!”


Earl Schofield’s stunning exhibit, “Himalaya”, is showing in the Putnam Gallery until May 9.  Here are some words he has to share about his work:

Our culture wields the image as weapon, spinning a web of illusions designed to manipulate and isolate us, hiding the “truth” of our interconnectivity with all the universe like the Hindu goddess Maya. The attempt to look beyond  illusions is a fundamental goal for those of us Ghandi once termed, “seekers”. I choose to follow the older path of artist as shaman, whose goal was to express those truths which cannot be seen.

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A theater has always been a magical place for me – but not in the sense that something appears out of nowhere – it is a grueling task to conjure another time and place and bring a story alive in front of an audience. The magic lies in the imaginations of those who choose to participate in that process – the individuals involved and the group they become.

This weekend is about celebrating the labor of love that these 26 kids have dedicated themselves to every day for the past 6 weeks. Come join us in the Fountain Arts Building! The remaining performances are today, Saturday 2/22, at 2pm and 7pm and Sunday 2/23 at 2pm. For reservations please call (603) 563-1285. Tickets are free, donations welcome. 


Varsity Art!

This year's Varsity Art team was low on seniors but our juniors really did well and I look forward to a really big year in 2014. We traveled to Pinkerton Academy recently to receive their New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards. This year a young contingency of seven students won a sum total of sixteen awards, including eight honorable mentions, four silver keys and five gold keys.

Winter Open Mic Night

As libraries redefine themselves in the digital age, one of its many purposes seems to be growing in popularity; a space for community interaction and performance. Dublin School embraced this idea this past weekend with an Open-Mic held in the periodical room of Evans Library, a collaboration between Mr. Paul Siegel and the Music Department; With some slight maneuvering of bookshelves, a rearrangement of chairs, the addition of 2 risers for a stage and hot cider and snacks, the space was repurposed as a great spot for a night of music and poetry. 

NYC Dance Trip

Earlier this month, the Dance Ensemble headed for a weekend of dance in the Big Apple, led by Jenny Foreman and Director of Development, Erika Rogers.

We were so excited, bound for the Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan, where students Charlotte Caron '15, Mo Zhou '14, Madeline Pastan '17, Shaneil Wynter '17, Molly Hope Forgaard '14 and Maja Hardikar '16 took classes in jazz, hip-hop, funk, ballet, theater dance and tap. 

At Dublin we believe the arts are an essential part of a well-rounded education. The arts celebrate the specificities of individual talent as well as the communal effort inherent in the synthesis of a work of art, performance or exhibition. The arts speak directly to our mission as we expect all students to exhibit curiosity, courage, and seek truth.

The Arts Department offers courses in visual arts, music, dance, poetry, film and theatre. We serve both experienced, passion-driven young artists and students with little or no previous exposure to arts education by offering a curriculum based on a “spiraling” model, with flexibility for a multi-level approach within each classroom. 

We challenge and nurture our students as they take risks, explore divergent, non-linear ways of thinking, and grapple with problems that have multiple solutions. Through the arts, students are exposed to multiple modalities through which one may experience the world around and within them. Learning in, about and through the arts develops each leaner’s capacity to make meaning from experience and knowledge, respond to creativity, celebrate diversity and contribute to society.

Our arts faculty is comprised of committed educators who are also working artists themselves within their respective fields. We actively seek out enrichment opportunities that will expose our students to contemporary and classic work through field trips to professional performances, private lessons, masterclasses, and guest artists who present and speak about their work.

Enjoy learning more about our individual programs.