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Residential Life

Venture Within. In A Place Where You Belong.

The Dublin School Residential Life program is packed full of fun, meaningful growth and connection between peers and a dedicated faculty. At the heart of our boarding community is respect for all identities, curiosity about the things that make us different, and unity as a community that supports the individual. 

You will quickly find that our students take ownership of their community. Students care to make our school a better place for all. 

Shamrock. Truth. Courage. Moxie. 

These are the names of our four Duty Teams on campus. Duty Team refers to the adults in charge for the weekends or evenings. Every duty team has a little different flare, to offer a variety of trips and activities, and opportunities to connect with adults. 

Dorm Life with friends  and mentors

Our boarding students develop community in their living spaces, grow in their life skills and have a ton of fun! Whether celebrating a birthday, watching movies in the Common Room, running a study session or answering thought-provoking questions at Milk & Cookies, students at Dublin cherish the community that grows in the dormitory. 

Almost every room on campus is a double - meaning there are two students per room. All dorms have 1-3 faculty apartments attached to the commons areas. Our residential life faculty are immersed in the community as teachers, coaches, administrators and advisors too!

Comfort, Safety & Belonging

We launched our first all-gender dorm in Fall 2019, which was home to 14 students. In 2022, there are now 2 all-gender dorms housing 34 Dublin students. It is important that all of our students live in an environment that they feel safe, comfortable and supported. To accommodate students of all genders, we offer three types of dorms. We have dorms for Generally Male-Identified and Nonbinary students, dorms for Generally Female-Identified and Nonbinary students, and All Gender dorms. The dorm designations each year will vary on enrollment needs. Learn more about Equity, Justice & Belonging at Dublin.

The Dormitories

White building with a front stoop and a chimney

Corner House is Dublin's smallest dorm and another one of the all-gender dorms this year! Ten students reside in Corner House.   

Shaker-style dormitory

Hoyt-Horner is our largest dorm on campus! Twenty-four students live in Hoyt-Horner. This year it is a primarily-girls dorm.

Shaker-style multi-story dormitory

Prime location to the Brett Smith Dining Common and the quad! Lehmann House is home to twelve students and is a primarily-girls dorm this year. 

Multi-story, shaker-style dormitory with green pillars

Monadnock is one of the larger dorms and is home to twenty-two students. This year Monadnock is a primarily-boys dorm. 

Single-story brown building on a hill

The hill outside New Dorm transforms into a ski and sledding hill in the winter and a concert venue in the warmer months. Eleven students live in New Dorm, and this year it is a primarily-boys dorm.

Two-story green dorm with shaker-style first floor

This year, Slopeside is one of two all-gender dorms. Twenty-four students call Slopeside home. 

Wing & Hollow is one of the cozier dorms on campus! Sixteen students live in Wing & Hollow this year, and it is a primarily-boys dorm this year. 

Dean's Office

Carl Anhalt

Dean of Students, Mathematics

Laurie LeClair

Assistant to the Dean of Students

Jay Little

Assistant Dean of Students, Girls Soccer Coach, Courage Duty Team Leader

Evan Kendall

Mathematics, Associate Dean of Student Leadership, Cross Country Coach, Nordic Skiing Coach, Truth Duty Team Leader