The PRISM Center:
Programming, Robotics, Imagination, Science & Math

Delivering a STEM education by leading with our strengths.


As educational thought leaders, we want to build upon our distinctive technology program and use the PRISM Center to foster collaboration between our small departments, fueling innovative curriculum, instruction and assessment.

The PRISM Center will provide flexible, interchangeable spaces for our teachers to better synchronize instruction and explore the ever-increasingly blurred lines between science technology and math.

Glass walls in all the classrooms/laboratories will provide greater educational transparency and stimulate participation, questioning and curiosity—key to the Dublin School mission. 

The redesign of the Evans Building creates an intentional traffic flow through the PRISM Center encouraging scientific curiosity similar to the daily artistic exposure created in Gillespie Hall.

The new makerspace classroom will allow more self-directed learning and “tinkering” both within and outside the formal curriculum.

Our Math, Science and Technology courses are driving admissions and are what many current prospective families are seeking. The new PRISM Center will help us to continue to attract the kind of academically inquisitive students we want.

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A Renovated Library for Today’s Dublin School Student

A place where books are still relevant but knowledge is enhanced by technology.


Just as the Spencer Student Center created an inviting place for the social growth of our students, the new library will create an inspirational space for their minds. 

Students and faculty will have access to the best online academic journals and resources available so they can increase the breadth of their scholarship through interdisciplinary research and academic partnerships.

Its new location next to the Louise Shonk Kelly recital hall, where we gather every morning for morning meeting, will put academics right in the heart of our school.

It will be designed with a flexible gathering place for meetings, study groups and celebrations, flooded with natural light and surrounded by the most stunning views our campus has to offer.