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Wellness Tip of the Week: ADHD Symptoms and Nutrition

Good morning, Dublin!

DubWell offerings this week consisted of chill yoga, and morning mindfulness.

The DubWell Tip of the Week comes from Tiffany Calcutt, Registered Dietary Nutritionist, Dublin School parent, and our DubWell guest speaker in class meetings last week and this week. It's in response to a student's question about ADHD and nutrition. Ms. Calcutt recommends, in addition to the Mediterranean diet, trying some of the following items, which have some positive correlation to improvements in ADHD symptoms:

  • Berries, cherries, onions, kale, eggplant, green tea (for polyphenols)
  • Eating breakfast 
  • Reducing gluten and casein (found in dairy products)
  • Limiting sugar and food coloring


Karadsheh, Suzy. "Mediterranean Meal Plan for Beginners." The Mediterranean Dish, 5 November 2022,


Ms. Calcutt cited Dr. Uma Nairobi as her source. 


Be well,

Ms. Davis