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Wellness Tip of the Week

Good afternoon, Dublin!

The next DubWell Committee meeting will be Monday, December 5 at lunch. We are looking for student feedback on Wellness Circles. Wellness Circles is a pilot program, which means it's a "test drive" of the program, and we want to gather information from students about what is going well and what could be changed for the better. All are welcome to join the conversation! There will also be a survey that week if you would like to give feedback that way.


The DubWell Tip of the Week is about that delicious Thanksgiving meal coming up over break! What do you do when you feel like you ate way too much? Here are some suggestions from Real Simple:


1. Avoid lying down.

2. Go for a walk!

3. Stretch it out!

4. Be kind to yourself.

5. Drink plenty of water!

6. Listen to your body.



Be well,

Ms. Davis