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Second Annual Tooth & Porridge Radio Hour

Directed by Henry Walters, Featuring Dublin Students, Faculty and Staff

Before mankind had invented the hula hoop, the Etch-a-Sketch, or the '80s Dance Party...before we lived in an endless search for invisible Pokemon......before our cold fall nights were warmed with non-fat hazelnut macchiatos loaded with whipped cream... Back in that simpler, more innocent time, the only entertainment option available to America's youth was blowing air into a pig's bladder or listening to the stories coming out of the living-room radio speakers. Dublin School will produce its second very own live show in the spirit of radio's "Golden Age," complete with storytelling, musical numbers, dramatic skits, advertising, and maybe even a few clean jokes that your grandfather would call "knee-slappers." The show is written and produced entirely by Dublin students, faculty, and staff.