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Julian Saporiti - No No Boy


From 2004-2010, Julian Saporiti fronted the Berklee trained indie-rock group The Young Republic. After releasing several well received albums and touring extensively around North America and Europe, Saporiti relocated to Laramie, Wyoming to enjoy the outdoors and pursue a master’s degree in American Studies. After completing his course work, Saporiti took a job lecturing at the University of Wyoming where he still offers summer courses. While living out west, he made several trips to the remains of the Heart Mountain Japanese Incarceration camp in northwest Wyoming. These trips made a profound impact and inspired him to begin interviewing camp survivors and researching the music performed in the camps. He is currently living in Providence, Rhode Island, continuing this research, writing songs, and pursuing a PhD at Brown University.

The “No-No Boys” were Japanese-Americans who during WWII refused to swear allegiance to the US government or be drafted while their families and friends were locked away in concentration camps. John Okada’s 1957 novel No-No Boy remains a classic piece of Asian-American literature.