Mountain Biking

Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing. This co-ed program participates in the weekly Lakes Region Mountain Bike Association Series, races matching a collection of private and public schools in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. 

This program is specifically a Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing discipline and is NOT downhill racing, free riding or has anything with the “X” games. The Dublin School Mountain Bike Program is a well disciplined activity with a focus on learning the necessary skills and gaining the physical strength and aerobic capacity to successfully compete in cross country mountain bike races held over relatively arduous, yet safe terrain. Dublin students compete in cross country mountain bike races of six to eight miles in length. In Mountain Bike Racing, there are no benches and no cuts. Everyone races and boys and girls combine their results for a team score.

Mountain Bike race at Dublin School Nordic Ski Center - October 29, 2104


Jesse Jackson
Head Coach

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson

Jesse was a really fast Jimmy John's sandwich bike delivery guy long before he began wearing out chainrings leading Mountain Biking tours and coaching Mountain Biking racing. For five summers, he led two week mountain bike tours through the sinuous mountain and valley roads of Vermont and New Hampshire. As a founding coach of the Dublin Mountain Biking team, he has led the growth and improvement of the team from a primarily Class C program at inception to a 3rd place finish (out of 22 schools) last year in the New England Interscholastic Mountain Bike Series. 

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