The Dublin Difference

International students have always been an important part of the Dublin School community. When you step onto the Dublin School campus, it’s very clear that our international students are involved in enriching our community in powerful and unique ways. Every year, we have about 20% of our student body represented from 12 to 15 different countries around the world. Unlike many schools, we maintain a balance between international and domestic students and focus on the composition of our international students' backgrounds — all designed to guarantee a full American school experience. Dublin international students are encouraged to try new things and fully participate in everything that Dublin offers.

International students who come to Dublin School are motivated to gain proficiency in English language, explore and gain knowledge in academic subjects in interactive classrooms, make friends from around the world, understand and immerse themselves in new culture and build a solid academic foundation for their academic future. Their achievement is well portrayed by their college matriculation list. 

ESL Program at Dublin School/Placement

All international students whose first language is not English will be placed in English as a Second Language(ESL) course. Upon their arrival on campus, they will be tested, placed or exempt from ESL courses at Dublin. Our ESL curriculum is grade-level based for 9th and 10th grade where the ESL courses compliment and support the English curriculum. After each year, all international students are re-evaluated for the following year to ensure that an appropriate level of support is received.

International Program for all International Students

International students who come to Dublin are adventurous, driven, energetic and independent. However, we understand that you are still in high school and in need of a nurturing adult presence and guidance in planning your life. Michelle Knapp, director of International Program and ESL teacher, is the person to help you get integrated into Dublin. 

Michelle has been an integral part of the Dublin community for over 15 years, serving as a dorm parent, basketball coach, running our Winterfest activities, leading foreign travel trips, teaching first English and literature and, now, English as a Second Language. Michelle knows every part of Dublin School and is the ideal person to ensure that students get fully acclimated to Dublin life.

International Admissions

Step 1: You want to study in the United States.

Step 2: You found Dublin School online and love it!

Step 3: You want to apply, but have so many questions.

That’s why we made this page just for you. There are many ways for international applicants and their parents to find out about Dublin.

What you need to apply to Dublin School

You’ll need to submit:

  • Student application (preferred if submited online)
  • Parent application (Also part of the online application)
  • English recommendation
  • Math teacher recommendation
  • Character recommendation (from a non-relative, who knows you well)
  • Official school transcript
  • Standardized test score (TOEFL or Junior TOEFL)
  • If your first language is English, please submit SSAT score instead of TOEFL.
  • Interview of the candidate and his/her parents (in person or via skype)
  • Any other document to support your application

If you have any questions regarding our required documents, please send an email to Teresa Imhoff, Associate Director of Admissions.

I-20 and visa information

To receive an I-20 from Dublin: When an international student is accepted by Dublin, they will get an acceptance email that has a letter of acceptance along with an enrollment contract. Once the contract is signed and received back by us with the required deposit, the Admissions office will send you an I-20 form. Payment in full of tuition fees can help to ensure a successful visa interview. The original I-20 form must be kept with the student’s passport for the duration of their stay in the United States.