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“Dreaming Again” A play about the immigration experience in New Hampshire / Friday, September 27 - 7pm Recital Hall

Co-sponsored by the mariposa Museum


The acclaimed NH Theater Project play, "Dreaming Again," is written and directed by Genevieve Aichele in collaboration with the NH Humanities Council. Music is by Agnes Charlesworth and is based on 40 oral history interviews with contemporary immigrants and refugees in New Hampshire as well as historical material. The play celebrates the joys and difficulties of arriving as a stranger and learning how to be a citizen in a new home. In the words of a recent immigrant: Like a child, I am teaching myself how to dream again. 

Its cast of 8 actors and musicians includes 2 immigrants from Venezuela and Ghana, and the spouses of immigrants from Ireland, South Africa and Spain.  The performance is followed by a facilitated audience discussion with the performers. From Manchester to Gorham, Dreaming Again was received with tears, laughter, and standing ovations.  The post-performance discussions were as illuminating and moving as the performances themselves.