Students Take Initiative in First Dublin Giving Day by Leah Star '15

My name is Leah Star and I am a four-year senior here at Dublin. With the aid of the Senior Project Program and the Development Office I have been focusing on the culture of philanthropy. A great deal of my project has been research, along with working in the Development Office to observe and learn by doing. The final piece of my project is Giving Day. This was the first student Giving Day on campus, and it is a  tradition that will hopefully continue year after year. The core concept of Giving Day was to have the student body be more aware, and to participate in the Annual Fund. We did not be ask every student to give money, but to give time.

Each student was given a task to complete throughout the day. The tasks consist of: making a thank you call, writing a thank you letter, sending a shout out to a student, cheering on a team, writing down one thing you love about Dublin, making a video of what you love about Dublin, take a picture of your favorite place on campus and give it a caption, and take a picture with friends. Ideally every student will participate in these activities and remember why they love Dublin, and what makes Dublin so special. The Annual Fund protects what makes Dublin so great and unique so by remembering this, we were able to appreciate the Annual Fund. Additionally, after the sports events we had a barbeque dinner, and ended with a carnival of sorts with many different games for students to let off some steam and enjoy themselves and their peers as the year comes to a close.

    Now that Giving Day is over and the statistics on gifts and participation are in, it is very clear that is day was a success. There were 42 gifts given with a total amount of $5713. The number of gifts includes a handful of seniors who gave their first gift. Approximately 65 students participated which is about 45% of the student body. All in all the day was a great success, a great experience for me, and an amazing day for all members of the Dublin Community.