It's Sugarin' Time By: Brooks Johnson

With the strong spring sun and temperatures creeping into the low 40’s, the maple trees have begun their annual ritual of sending sugar rich sap up from their roots.  For centuries people have been devising ways to capture this sap and then boiling it down to create everyone’s favorite maple treat.  Maple sugaring has been a long standing New England mainstay, and a tradition at Dublin School since its founding.  With cold temperatures and a snow pack still measurable in feet, it has been a slow start, but Dublin School’s maple syrup production is now in full swing.

Dublin’s maple operation is unique to our region, in that much or our community is involved in every part of the syrup production.  Students and faculty have spent numerous work gangs preparing the wood supply and working the 500+ taps in the maple orchard.  Mr. Jackson’s 9th Grade STEM class also put in 100 taps, hung buckets, and are hypothesizing on which trees on campus will have the best yield and sugar content.  Alum Scott Olsen 08’ continues to lend a hand with equipment maintenance and boiling and on a given afternoon you may run into Mr. Pierpont, Mr. McFall, or myself hanging around the Sugar Shack ready to take a draw of syrup from the evaporator. 

On Saturday March 28th we celebrated New Hampshire Maple Weekend and over two dozen folks from across the region (and a couple of Trustees) paid a visit to our Sugar Shack, sampled our syrup, and took some home to share with friends and family.

Looking optimistically at the long term forecast we expect to add to the 35 gallons of syrup we have already produced and are proud to offer this delectable treat to share with the greater Dublin School community.  There are unlimited ways to enjoy the maple goodness (my personal favorite is cooked with Brussel Sprouts) and you will need to hurry if you want to get some of this year’s batch.  I might be a little biased, but we make some of the best tasting syrup available and this year’s collection may be some of the highest quality syrup we have made to date.

To get your hands on a bottle or three visit: and place an order through our online store.  We are proud to offer Quarts, Pints, and Half Pints in custom Dublin School bottles.  We can ship anywhere, and while good maple syrup is nonperishable, it doesn’t last long on the shelf. 

If you are in need of maple recipes or ideas, drop me an email The only thing I like talking about more than sports and politics is maple syrup!