Crew By Rich Connell


Dublin, NH (March 20th-24th) – The Dublin School rowing team returned to action for its annual “preseason” training week. The student-athletes came back to the cold and still snow-covered Dublin campus almost a full week before spring classes resumed in order to get a jump on their rowing training. This year, a new record total of 22 athletes participated in the grueling 6-hour a day training regimen for an opportunity to increase their fitness levels and get a competitive advantage over the season’s competition!

The first practice began around 1:00pm on Friday, March 20th, where the rowers jumped head-first into a cross-training cycle consisting of running, rowing, weight lifting, and core exercises. This same theme continued on Saturday morning, and then ended later that afternoon with a much-loved 10,000-meter workout on the ergs (rowing machines).

Sunday morning signaled the team’s participation in the Queen City Icebreaker Ergatta, an indoor rowing race held in Manchester, NH each year. The wildcats boasted a total of 13 racers across multiple events. Those tackling the 2000-meter challenge were Jesse Garrett-Larsen (’15) and Andrew Johnston (’16) in the HS men’s varsity event, Mekenzie Mattheson (’15), Sierra Riley (’16), and Kate Barrett (’16) in the HS women’s varsity event, Faith Lewis (’18) and Zoe Hewitt (’18) in the HS women’s novice event, and Zach Stout (’17) in the HS men’s novice event. In addition, Dublin had 5 entries in the HS men’s lightweight event: John Scriven (’16), G.H. Werowinski (’17), Gus Jaynes (’17), Jared Lewis (’17), and John Sandstedt (’17). Jared Lewis took 3rd overall in the men’s lightweight category and Mattheson won the women’s varsity event!

Afterwards, the team returned to the Dublin School campus to resume their training, which included a foam rolling class (instructed by athletic trainer Stephanie Clark), a few Yoga sessions (instructed by Coach Blair Granum) to promote muscle elasticity and recovery, and, of course, a handful of torturous workouts (i.e. Redline, Life Alert, etc).

By the end of preseason the team had regained quite a bit of their dormant fitness, quickly trained 3-4 brand new athletes, settled back into the intense nature of rowing training, and was generally looking strong heading into the regular season. Thanks to those families who supported their student-athletes in an incredibly challenging pursuit! There’s much more excitement to come as the ice melts and we head deeper into the spring trimester. We hope to see many of you along the way!