Robotics Team Wins!

The Dublin School Robotics Team traveled to Northeastern University last weekend to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition Regional Event. After finishing in the top ten in qualifying matches they were selected by the leading team to join their alliance for the the next rounds. Thanks to the awesome teamwork of Dublin Robotics, the coaching of faculty member Jason Cox, and the many team volunteers, their alliance went on to win the entire competition! Below is a letter written by parent volunteer Steve Goldsmith to the team after their victory:

Hey there, The Robotics Team!

You should all be extremely proud how you did this weekend, and just in case it is not obvious, we're all extremely proud of you all. 

It was a pleasure working with you over build season, and during the tournament.   You handled yourselves extremely professionally, maintained a positive attitude and a good sense of humor throughout,  and when the stress and pressure of the competition increased, you pulled together and got even better.   

 We competed in 20 matches over this weekend:

12 qualifying
2 quarter finals
3 semi finals
1 rerun semi final (which scored the highest match score New England, 192 points!) 
2 finals

Our weekend qualifying match performance was a significant improvement over our Nashua performance, adding 19 points to our average qualification score. The robot performance was remarkably reliable and consistent, especially in the finals.  It was amazing to watch when we were in back-to-back matches that were almost carbon copies of each other -- Series 2 and series 3 semi finals, 192 points, then 186 points (ok, so we were trying for >200, but still, pretty cool!)).  We were an outstanding support team for our alliance, reliably scoring in autonomous, capping their tote stacks, as well as building our own.   Adding a new skill to our set right before finals (stuffing a noodle into a bin and placing it on top of a stack) was also very cool.  We worked very, very well with our alliance.

Field spotters did a great job reporting observations, concerns and detail on what wasn't working as well as it should during matches, and those reports translated quickly to actions taken in the pit and in the queue during finals to improve performance and prevent failures on the field.

At one point between one of the semi finals matches, Adam said "hmm, its interesting, we're the only one of the 6 teams on the field that are not out making repairs to our robot".    I think that your implementing and sticking to the pit procedures, pre-flight checklist,  match observations, robot inspection,  tightening bolts, lubing, testing, logging changes, analyzing match performance,  and being religious about battery changes and documenting everything made this possible, and it was fantastic to have the drive and support teams be able to stand around and not have anything to do between several finals matches!

Congratulations on the victory, you all did a fantastic job.