Introduction to Robotics at Local Elementary School

On Wednesday, February 18, the Robotics team decided to leave our dark robotics cave after we tirelessly worked to finish our robot in time for shipment day. With the knowledge our team has gained over the course of the build season, we ventured down to the Dublin Consolidated School to teach the students  there all about robotics, using LEGO NXT Mindstorm kits. 

Our team member, Siyi helped us organize our trip to the Dublin Consolidated School, where our task as a team was to teach kids about robotics and motivate them to learn and eventually join one day. The team split up into two rooms, one dedicated to building and programming the LEGO Mindstorm robots built by small groups, the other room was dedicated to showing the kids what they would eventually work up to in FIRST Robotics by demoing our robot from last year.

 Robot drivers Adam and team leader Myles, alongside other members of our build team, taught kids how our robot  from last year worked. We kicked the ball into the air and to the kids as they played catch with the robot. The drivers let all of the observing kids drive the robot around the room for a while. Afterwards, when we surveyed the room and  asked who would join robotics when they got older, many of the young Dubliners raised their hands.

It was a great time all around for both the team members and the young students. Thank you to the Dublin Consolidated School for having us there.

The Next Competition is in Boston at Northeastern University, March 28th and 29th. We hope to see some of you there!