Alpine Team Hosts GS Qualifier

The Dublin School alpine ski team traveled to their training grounds at Crotched Mountain in Bennington, NH to compete in the second Lakes Region GS qualifying race. Among the attending schools were Brewster Academy, St. Paul’s School, Proctor Academy, and Vermont Academy. It is worth noting that this was Dublin’s first home alpine race in recent memory, and the first time it had ever hosted a race at Crotched Mountain.

The day’s racing began with the varsity girls, with Phoebe Glaude (’17), Kate Barrett (’16), and Taya Kerwin (’18). Glaude continued to improve this week, with vast improvement in her technical skiing and race confidence. Over her two runs, she posted a combined time of 1:40.82, taking 13th of 19 overall. This was Barrett’s first appearance ski racing, just having joined the team after a hiatus from skiing. She had a great couple of runs, with a combined time of 2:01.3, and placed 17th of 19. This was also Kerwin’s first time competing for Dublin, though she is no stranger to the alpine circuit. She raced the course very well, posted a time of 1:31.23, and took the top Dublin placement as well as 11th overall!

Next up were the varsity boys, and racing for the wildcats were Silas Howe (’18), Joey Hynes (’17), Nick Runyon (’18), Sean Brown (’18), John Scriven (’16), and Peter Spang (’18). Howe had a tough first run, falling on course, but recovering to finish. His second run went much smoother, and he posted a combined time of 1:39.17 to take 20th of 30. Runyon (1:35.16) had two solid runs and placed 15th of 30, and was just behind Brown (1:32.23), who also raced very well and secured Dublin’s top placement, finishing 13th of 30! Coming in just behind Runyon and Brown was Scriven (1:35.26) who took 16th of 30. In his first alpine ski competition, Spang raced competently, taking a time of 1:44.85 and 23rd place overall. Unfortunately, Hynes blew out of the course on his first run and received a DNF .

Finishing up the day’s events were the JV boys, and competing for the Dublin School were Yoshi Chiba (’15), Ma Bo Ning (’16), Yifu Zhang (’18), and Imanol Ochoa-Mendez (’16). Chiba took the top placement for Dublin, racing the course in a combined 1:43.30 and taking 4th of 14 overall! Next was Ochoa-Mendez (1:50.75) who placed 6thof 14, and Bo Ning (1:54.56) who finished 9th of 14 overall. Zhang blew out of the course on his first run and received a DNF.

It was a great day for the Dublin School alpine team, in regards to racing as well as being able to finally host another Lakes Region competition.