The Charles Latham Distinguished Teacher Award

Comments from Brad Bates about John Adams (pictured far left) the recipient of the 2014 Charles Latham Distinguished Faculty Award.

"Last summer I received a call from a friend in China asking if I could send one of our innovative teachers over to Beijing to speak at an academic conference. I immediately called Mr. Adams, who has earned a reputation on our campus for his innovative approaches to teaching math to our students, and asked him if he could drop everything and head to China. Little did I know at the time but I reached him at a beach where he was enjoying some much needed down time. Two weeks later Mr. Adams walked out of a backstage green room onto a large stage where he saw his likeness projected on a jumbotron in front of an audience of two thousand Chinese educators. Little did he know that he would be asked on national television for his views comparing Chinese and American approaches to education.  Mr. Adams is not one to be daunted by such challenges. From hunting turtles, to building robots to learning how to nordic ski he will try anything to get to know his students better, meet them on their level, and walk in their shoes. Mr. Adams reveals his idealism, curiosity and enthusiasm by attending class projects in other disciplines and by continually asking questions of his peers and students. His classes and practices are highly organized and orchestrated events, not a minute is wasted. He has turned non-athletes into self proclaimed jocks and mathphobes into Calculus students. I think Mr. Latham and his many former students would be proud to see this award going to Mr. Adams—he represents the values on which this school was built, integrity, hard work, curiosity and community. Congratulations on receiving this award Mr. Adams and thank you for all you do for our school."