Earth Day

Thanks to the noble efforts of Ms. Jackson’s AP Environmental Science class, Dublin School’s annual Earth Day celebration was another great success .

The morning began with fifteen separate nature hikes paired with a nature-themed photo scavenger hunt. Of  course, some of our students’ natural flair for comedy came out while on camera.  Tasks on the photo scavenger hunt ranged from “hug a tree” to finding specific flora native to the Monadnock region. While many groups returned to campus refreshed from their idyllic  jaunts through perfectly groomed trails, others were surprised by the amount of garbage they saw at their sites. One student remarked, ”the trash on the side of the trail was more eye opening than usual– it was pretty shocking.” Students swapped stories over a picnic lunch once they arrived on campus and plotted how to work on trail clean up in the future.

The afternoon session was capped off by an excellent and insightful lecture by Dr. William Brice, a noted geologist, professor, and grandfather of Matthew Coffin (2016). Dr. Brice’s lecture brilliantly painted how Edwin Drake’s involvement in  the early days of the oil industry in America  went on to change the landscape of the country. Students picked up  surprising tidbits of information (such as petroleum’s medicinal qualities) against the larger backdrop of how and why the oil industry had the exponential growth that it did.

 To learn more about Dr. Brice, please visit his website by clicking here and check out his latest book, Myth, Legend, Reality - Edwin L. Drake and the Early Oil Industry.