Revisit Day

We laughed, we cried (happy crying, not sad crying mind you), and we welcomed 35 prospective families to our loving community known as Dublin School.  An expert panel of current parents, students, and faculty answered everything to know about Dublin while prospective students attended morning classes.

The decision to go to boarding school can be a weighty one. For many, it will be the first time living away from home. For others, they will be day students but attending a private school for the first time. Anxiety, excitement, and wonder are all normal ingredients to any revisit day and we embrace this mix of emotions whole-heartedly.

 But, these excited butterflies diffuse to the student body as well. One senior said, β€œit’s kind of like Christmas. We all remember our own revisit day. It is kind of like remembering your own Dublin beginning. You wonder which of them will be here next year, or if a connection you made will turn into a meaningful friendship.”  Already, 80% of the visiting students verbally committed to coming to Dublin next year. 

 You see, to pick Dublin is not to just pick a high school; it is to pick a family. We are waiting, and ready.