Faculty in Focus: Earl Schofield

Artist and beloved Dublin School teacher, Earl Schofield, brings the soul of the Himalayas to our hearths here in the Monadnock region.  Inspired by stories of the Dublin students who traveled to India and captured by the glorious mountain landscapes in their photographs, Earl has created a portfolio of  eight “encaustic” paintings of India.

On the Friday morning before the launch of his exhibit in Putnam Gallery (running until May 9th) students held their breath as Mr. Schofield explained the philosophy behind his art. In a world with so much unnecessary isolation and superficiality, his art is that hand reaching outto you,  drawing the viewer in to the truly connected nature of a community.  Indeed, his images took on a transformative quality, appearing textured and three dimensional in nature, as if a memory could jump out of the canvas and imbed itself in the viewer.

Many of his students lingered in the gallery until closing. “What hasn’t he done for my art?” noted sophomore Erin Tourgee. “ I remember almost the exact moment when I began to feel a sense of ownership for my art. I was in Rhode Island with my camera and I realized how capable I was a photographer. He is the most committed and supportive individual the Dublin Community and has made me grow so much.”

Earl has the heart and imagination to bridge oceans, continents, and cultures and captures the soul and beauty of India and the Himalayas in his work.  He understands the universal need for beauty and our human connection to a ‘sense of place,’ whether for us here in the shadow of Monadnock or for the young students of the Himalayan Public School who live in the shadow of the majestic mountains. Half of all proceeds from the show will be donated to the students in the Himalayas.