Words of Thanks from Dublin Robotics Students


This has been a banner year for Dublin Robotics. FIRST team 1786 is now run independently by Dublin staff and students, perhaps the only boarding school in New England to have an FRC team other than Saint Paul’s. 

Now that the robot is officially boxed up and ready to go, the student builders have a minute to breath, complete their homework, and return to being fully functional humans. A special thanks to Mr. Cox, Dr. Kennedy, and Thaddeus  Rogers for their  HUNDREDS of volunteer hours to make this season one to remember.

       Please read the following words of thanks from the Dublin Robotics students:

This year we have seen massive improvements in the design of our team. We received momentous help from Dublin School’s development team and have received generous donations from businesses and alumni. With this newly acquired time and money, we have been able to teach new members valuable skills such as learning mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, sportsmanship, and computer programming.

Notable mentors such as Dr. Kennedy have been essential to our team’s progress. Dr. Kennedy, along with Thaddeus, our new mechanical mentor, are pushing our team to new heights. We are very grateful for their time and efforts this year. If it was not for them, our team would most likely be in the same state it was in last year and attempting to maneuver a crazed piece of machinery.  Thank you to everyone who worked so hard so support us.

The entire team is very excited not only for the competition within a few weeks, but also for the many years of Dublin robotics to come. To read more about the competition and to see a complete schedule of events, click here: