All You Need Is Love


Love was in the air this Valentine's Day at Dublin School. (Disclaimer: Okay, yes, so we all secretly know that Valentine's Day is largely the mass commodification of love thanks to the impressive efforts of Hallmark and Hersheys,,’ but play along with us here.) Paper hearts and whimsical love notes peppered the campus. The Valentine's Day angels returned once again (see center image) to decorate the Dublin town center during the wee hours of the morning.


For the senior class, this Valentine’s Day was particularly bittersweet. This Thursday (February 20th) will mark the beginning of the 100 Days Countdown until graduation.  Although 100 days sounds like an eternity to some, time has a tendency of slipping through our fingertips  with startling speed.


So, dear Dubliners of past and present, let us spread the love and work to give the senior class 100 days they will never   forget