A Serving of Moxie, on Ice


After a fortuitous snow day, students trickled back onto campus a day late  to be greeted with a Moxie Weekend. The Moxie duty team, led by Jesse Jackson (learning skills) put on quite a show and had students running from broom-ball tournaments to Nordic skiing.

On Saturday night, Mario Flores (music) hosted the first Acoustic Open Mic Night in the library, complete with poetry and angst-filled teenage music.  Many of the performers had already completed five hours of rehearsal for Little Shop of Horror but were ready for more.  Others in the audience were nursing minor bruises from the broom-ball tournament earlier in the evening with Ms. Bride and Mr. Putko, which is an expected symptom from playing hockey with brooms and no skates. .

Mr. Nemitz’s quinzhee also made its debut on Saturday, thanks to a dedicated bunch of student shovelers.  The quinzhee (never to be confused with its brother, the igloo) is a shelter made by  hollowing out a large settling of snow.  The Dublin quinzhee is conveniently located in front of Mr. Bates’ office and can fit up to ten students quite comfortably. We may or may not be considering the quinzhee as the future location for Friday night detention.

Finally, on Sunday, a brave cohort of students ascended Pack Monadnock on foot  with the  formidable goal to sled down the mountainside. One student returned from the sledding pilgrimage with a goofy smile and one request: Can we do this every weekend?