Student Shout-Outs From The Class of 2018


“There are two students who I really admire and look up to and it is Hyelom Love  and Tymira Holman. I couldn't pick between these two students because both have really helped me adjust to the new environment and have set great examples for me to follow. I remember on the first day of school they helped me put my belongings in my room and took me under their wing. I think of them as my big sister and big brother. Words can't describe about how much I like them.”—Fabryce Joseph

“I look up to Jordan  Ferreras because he's my proctor and he also keeps all of the freshman boys (and me) in check.” –Peter Spang  

“I look up to Hope Fowler. Yes, I am aware this is cheesy because she is my sister, but she is always there for everyone, not just me. She tries her best each day and never gives up. She is taking so many challenging classes and is balancing her school work and social life the best she can– and also has to balance having her younger sister on campus! We surprisingly were never  close until I came to Dublin, but I'm grateful that we are now because I go to her whenever I need anything.” - Clare Fowler