Student in the Spotlight: Avery Morgan (2018) Named Eagle Scout

 Avery Morgan, proud member of Troop 77,  began his career as a Boy Scout by…….saving someone’s life. 

He was barely 13 years old when his brother began choking at the dinner table. With a sense of cool, Avery walked over and executed the Heimlich maneuver on his younger brother, successfully clearing the blocked airway.  Thanks to Avery’s precocious sense of calm in a tense moment, he won one of only fifty-three National Certificates of Merit given by the Boy Scouts of America’s National Court of Honor in 2012.     

Two years later, Dublin first year Avery Morgan has reached the apex of his Boy Scouts career: he was named an Eagle Scout after an extensive review process.  For Avery’s final  project, he built  eight  cedar benches and landscaped part of his public high school back home. Avery noted the milestone was particularly significant to him because his father was also named an Eagle Scout as a young teen.

Morgan hopes all scouts can find mentor ship opportunities through the program and that, “a young scout  needs to stick with it because what he learns in scouting truly pays off in real life.”  

We commend Morgan for reaching his goal and for bringing his passion for leadership to the Dublin community.