Into The Woods Auditions Completed

This year the genius of Stephen Sondheim will take us to a magical world with princesses, witches, under performing cows, a wily wolf, a dose of healthy moral ambiguity, and lots of
singing!  How else can one top last year’s man eating plant?  Into The Woods will run February 19 - 22 in the Fountain Theater.

Narrator 1/Cinderella’s Father:
Quinn Thomson

Narrator 2/Steward: Sam Casertano

Cinderella: Daria Gross

Jack: Cam Harrington

Jack’s Mother: Ava Mackay-Smith

Baker: Will Arment

Baker’s Wife: Talia Cohen

Cinderella’s Stepmother/Giant:
Tricia Sullivan

Florinda: Taya Kerwin

Lucinda/Rapunzel: Candice Urman

Rapunzel’s Prince:  Chris Ramey

Little Red Ridinghood: Kit Brisson

Witch: Maja Hardikar

Mysterious Man: it’s a mystery…

Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince:
Jesse Garrett-Larsen

Granny: Destiny Goncalves

Snow White . . . TBD

Sleeping Beauty . . . TBD


Fearless Tech Crew:

Leah Star

Juli Scharf

Juliette Valade