Fuel A Passion. Change a Life By Leah Star '15

 It all started one late June afternoon at the Independent School Gender Project Conference this past summer.   Ms. Bean and Ms. Sintetos brought members of Dublin’s Girls Group to this networking and leadership development event at Hotchkiss School. It was there that I  met Beth Schmidt , the founder of Wishbone. I instantly fell in love with her non-profit, which raises money for low-income students in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Manhattan areas to attend summer and after school programs that they are passionate about. Being a student who has been fortunate enough to find and follow my passions, I knew how much potential this concept held and contacted Beth about an internship right away.

 Now, months later, as the fall term comes to a close I can reflect on how my internship with Wishbone has influenced my senior project in non-profit development. The focus of my Senior Project has been fundraising for education-based non-profits, like Dublin, and Wishbone. This summer I will even have the opportunity to work in their main office in San Francisco.

 Yet, when I planned and ran my first fundraiser for Michael, I never expected how supportive the school would be of me and  my project. Our goal  was to fully fund one student, Michael. At the start of the week that I ran the fundraiser I stood up in morning meeting and told the school Michael’s story. Michael is what Wishbone calls a high-achieving low-income student from San Francisco. He is passionate about interior design and architecture and had been accepted to the Parsons After School Program but needed the funds to attend. During the week of this fundraiser, Dublin raised $501.25 that would go towards Michael’s summer tuition, and one other student from Wishbone.

 I am a four year senior, and not once in my time here have I seen the community pull together and raise this much money without a paid dress down or a bake sale or something to purchase. I am so proud to be a part of this community and so thankful that Dublin was able to help a student find his passion.  Some students even donated their entire allowance because they were so inspired by Michael’s story. It is empowering to see young adults make a change for someone their own age.

 Earlier this week, I received an email from Michael I would like to share  a portion of it with the community. In Michaels own words, “Without your help, I would not have been able to take part in this amazing program. Thank you again, Michael”  So thank you Dublin for believing in me, Wishbone and Michael. If you have any questions about Wishbone, please feel free to contact me at l_star@dublinschool.org.