The Politics Club, Will Arment '15

From an early age, I was always interested in politics. It’s in my blood, to some extent; my mother was a women’s rights activist during the 80’s, and my great-grandfather fled from the fascists in Italy during Mussolini’s reign of terror. Over the last few years, especially, I’ve realized that politics isn’t just something old people watch on C-SPAN or your parents talk about at dinner; it’s what ultimately decides the future for our generation. The decisions our leadership make today will invariably effect the world that my peers and I inherit. And sadly, I see a lot of people my age giving up on it, or, just as badly, staying in their own little “bubble” politically and not even bothering to let anyone, especially not themselves, question or critique their beliefs. Those two trends are why, even as a new student, I decided to go out on a limb and create the Politics Club. If we want to live in a truly democratic society and do our best to fulfill the “American Dream,” we, as a generation, need to start getting involved in every way we can. Of course, not everyone can be, will be, or wants to be the next Bush or Obama, but it is my firm belief that people at least need to keep educated about what’s going on in Washington, and given the opportunity to formulate and revise opinions.

The Politics Club aims to do just that: create an institutionally non-partisan group where students can come to be educated objectively about what’s going on, both nationally and internationally; and to debate with other students in a respectful, horizon-expanding forum that touches on everything from taxes to terrorism, racism to capitalism. Those kind of conversations are something we need to have as a society, and I hope that by starting here at Dublin, I can do my part to foster that.