Club Spotlight, The Creative Writing Club

Sydney Clarke, a Brooklynite and budding writer, cannot be deterred once she sets her mind on something. Her love for the arts, especially poetry, inspired her to create the Dublin Creative Writing Club.

The Club will kick into full gear after Parents’ Weekend and will include pilgrimages to slam poetry contests, book launches, and (of course) a hefty dose of revision workshops led by Ms. Sintetos, complete with fresh waffles. 

Writing and Waffles: What’s not to love? In the meantime check out the slam poem Sydney performed at morning meeting earlier this month. 

My name is Sydney

And sometimes

I lose myself.

I get tied up in the lyrics of a song

Clinging to each syllable

Like a prayer, I sing

Because if I don’t I might explode.

I’m not here to turn all of you  Into Edgar Allan Poes

but to let you know

That poetry sets me free-

When I’m trapped in a world I’ve created all alone

I dig under my pillow for a pencil and take

That dog eared paper

To write my way out.

People Say I’m Articulate– But,

I’m far from that

Because inside I have so many crazy thoughts

That I trip over, each and every one,


And every time.

Poetry is my go to when I’m  too embarrassed

    To say I’m sorry—because I stepped too far

Poetry is my last and first resort

     When I feel on top of the world and can’t come down

Poetry is my  humble narrator of  this jumbled life.

And if you share your truths With me

I’ll let you read my disarray like an open book -because

My name is Sydney,

And sometimes,

I lose myself.

Sydney Clarke

Performed 9-15-2014