200 Words to Translate a Moment in Time By Mia Brady '18

I found myself lost in thought, resting on the hard grass beneath a giant Maple. The tree, no longer a simple, morose, red, is now splattered with a palette of vibrant yellows, greens, and browns. The branches reach out, grabbing the sky every which way. A slight breeze pulls me in and seems to lift me up to the tree’s uppermost arms where I wish I could linger forever under blue watercolor skies . The smell of Autumn, of almost-to-cold-for-just-a-shirt but too-warm-for-a –jacket, fills the crisp air.

 A leaf falls on my lap. The edges are a burnt red. The veins shoot up and down every way possible, chaotic yet clearly calculated. Even the lightest folds are a volcano of color.

I wonder what this place, this spot, will look like in twenty years. I wonder what I will look like in twenty years.

 And, lost within the subtle space between moments, I realize fall has found me.