The Old Way with Wood by Joe Joslin '54


Each student was expected to chop down trees and cut them into reasonable sized pieces equal to 1 cord of wood.

My proudest possession was a double headed ax from L.L. Bean that was kept razor sharp.

The wood was left to season.

In the fall the wood somehow got dragged up to just below the arts building where the ski slope is now.

The model A truck was jacked up so the rear wheel was attached to a belt that ran a huge saw blade.

The wood was cut into 18" lengths and then split using a wedge and sledge hammer.

Then the wood was transported to each of the school’s buildings and stored.

Everyone had a shift at keeping the wood burning furnaces going.

The worst punishment was if you had fireplace duty in the Main House and let the fire go out.

The fire was lit the first day of school and burned until graduation day!

I can only remember one person being punished. I won’t name him, but the punishment was he had to jump into the well behind the Hollow and pick up 3 stones.