Hello from Himalaya Public School

5:30 PM, March 24th, 2013 – Himalaya Public School, Chaukori

We are continuing to break new ground with this year’s trip (and blog). This morning, our students shared many a tearful goodbye as the Himalaya Public School hostel (boarding) students all departed for their Holi break…well, all but two of them, but more on that in a moment. Last year, on our last day in Chaukori, the Indian students formed a long line in stretching through the school’s courtyard and out onto the dirt road, to bid us farewell. This year, in a strange role reversal, it was the Dublin School students making the rounds with hugs, high fives, secret handshakes, and countless “Namaste’s” as the HPS students left in batches throughout the morning.

It has been an action packed few days since our return from Munsiari, and there’s plenty more to come, as Dublin students have been helping to install new solar-powered lighting in the library this afternoon and we all look forward to a dual purpose trip tomorrow to see a local non-profit and ancient underground Hindu cave temple. But in the end, this is a trip built on relationships and I have been truly amazed by the mutual friendliness and positive energy exhibited by all parties, visitors and hosts alike. In fact, the connections this year have been so profound that two sisters, Manju and Kavita Karki, requested that their family pick them up a day late so that they could spend more time with the Dublin crew. Their generosity and hospitality (particularly Kavita’s, since her exams finished early and she could have gone home three days ago) were most appreciated, as the Dublin students were struggling with the prospect of an empty campus for their final day or two in Chaukori.

There will be some good moments for summary and reflection when we take a little R&R in the lakeside town of Nainital before flying home. But for now, with the Dublin students hard at work and a bit emotionally drained, I figure this is a great opportunity for a fresh perspective on our experience. So, without further adieu, I would like to hand things over to our wonderful student hosts. Take it away, ladies…

Hello Dublin, 

Hope you are fine.  We love you all. We have seen your message and video. We feel proud to have your company. We never thought that your school and our school students will be such friends. You are really such great guys to whom we can’t forget in our life. Those who went here they were really good and intelligent students. Like the first batch students: Ashley, Charlie, Maya, Ja- Naya, Tucker, Alison, and Alyssa. 

About the second batch, they are so smart and multitalented! When they entered in our school we thought how we might get a friendship with them but just after  intro we behave like best friends, really specially with Lizzy. She is such a good and intelligent girl, just like all the other students. We will not forget them from our life. They are such great friends. After talking with them we feel very tremendous. Among them some are very close to our heart. We are very lucky to have U.S. friends. We will not forget them from our life and we love them from bottom of our heart. Mr Eric and Miss Jung are so intelligent and toooo caretaker.                                                                                                                            

For events, last night we enjoyed a get together and goodbye party and we shared our opinions of each other’s culture. We had different topics which we had to perform and we enjoyed a lot. At last Dublin teacher and K.M.S.B teacher danced together with fun. After we danced we got together and shared a touching good bye. The next morning we played an intense game of lacrosse with both Dublin and Himalayan Public School’s students. 

Thank you to all Dublin School! 


Manju & Kavita Karki


Dublin School

Dublin School, Schoolhouse Rd, Dublin, NH, 03444, United States