A Week of Little Wonders

Dublin School hit “warp speed” this week as students  finished the final touches on projects before the last week of classes, dazzled audiences in Hair, and raced to the finish in the last Nordic Ski race of the season. The snowboarding team hiked Mount Washington and the  FIRST Robotics team packed up a fully functioning robot they built from hand. Coach Rich Connell placed seventh in the CRASH-B Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championship as members of the Dublin rowing team cheered on.


At times, the increased acceleration at the culmination of each term makes us feel as though we a flying through the days by the seat of our pants; life becomes saturated with the activities that drive and fuel our meaning of “truth and courage.”

 Yet, it is during these times when we crave more hours in the day that a pause for introspection is needed, if not required. Friday marked the “100 Days” until graduation for our seniors. Advisors marched down the steps of the Recital Hall to deliver t-shirts and balloons to their advisees, who in just 10 academic weeks will be on their way to the next chapter of their lives.  This wake-up call for our senior students was also a reminder to our underclassmen and faculty to cherish the little moments, for although the days may be fleeting, our memories can be cultivated to last a lifetime. Four years may not be such a long time after all. 


Dublin School

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