Academic Awards, Friday, June 1, 2012

Gladly we gather on this beautiful afternoon to recognize, appreciate and celebrate the special qualities of those students whose learning and labors have moved us, impressed us, struck us with awe, infused us with gratitude, even humbled us. In this celebration, as the faculty of Dublin School single out some students and describe for us their choices, they paint a brilliant mural of what education means at Dublin School.

“Happiness comes from freedom and freedom comes from courage.” My World History I students will tell you that Pericles said this in describing Athens in its glory, and in Athens courage meant participation in the affairs of the city-state as well as in the military. He describes Athenians as versatile, generous, open; as people who live not only by their laws but also by the unwritten code of morals, as people who banish their cares in athletics and affairs of the spirit, in drama and dance, who value wealth for usefulness rather than ostentation, and who see knowledge and discussion as the precondition for any wise action, chaotic and time consuming as that may be. This courage to be involved requires confidence, education, and the desire to speak up. Dublin School, another little city on a hill, embodies these values too, and I dare say Pericles would commend us for the spirit of participation, of education, and of freedom that we have achieved in this past year of learning together.    

-Excerpt from the speech given by Academic Dean, Sarah Doenmez

Academic Awards

Paul W. Lehmann Award
Ashley Arana ’12

Dartmouth Book Award
Peter Dunphy ’14

Bonnie Riley Award
Lizzy Takyi ’13

Scott C. O’Neill Award
Charlie Imhoff ’13

H. William Evans Community Service Award
Tyson Laa-Deng ’13

Franklin Pierce University Award
Alex Lange ’13

Barnard Book Awards
Myles Jones ’12, Ashley Arana ’12, & Ja’Naya Stacey ’12

Molly Shugrue “Shooting Star” Award
Joon Ho Oh ’12 & Paige Brnger ’12

Triple Threat Drama Award
Peter Bascom ’13

Jason Potts Technical Theater Award
Peter Bascom ’13 & Tyson Laa-Deng ’13

Summa Cum Laude Award
Min Young Jeong ’12

International Student Award
Min Young Jeong ’12

Dean of Students Award
Paige Brnger ’12

Nancy Lehmann Tour Guide Awards
Myles Jones ’12 & Julie Swanson ’12

Charles Latham Jr. Distinguished Faculty Award
Henry Walters

H. William Evans Faculty Award
Rodrigo Villaamil

Earl Schofield, Chair
Photo - Myles Jones
Art - Joo Hee Ui

Mario Flores
Musicianship Award in Classical Studies - Ji-Yoon Sung
Musicianship Award in Jazz & Rock Studies - Tyson Laa-Deng
Leadership in Music - Dan Fowler & Maya Harrington
Truth & Courage - Thomas Fertsch
Rising Star - Daniel Harrington

Jenny Foreman & Erika Rogers
Leadership in Dance - Anna Chen
Rising Star Award - Ikea Wadsworth
Push It Award - Jessica Scharf
Love of Dance - Valerie Williams

Stacia Tolman, Chair
English 9 - Tucker De Sisto & Erin Tourgee
English 11 AP - Stephanie Janetos & Amanda Bartlett
AP Literature - Min Young Jeong
AP Literature - Ja’Naya Stacey

Michelle Knapp
English 10 - Phoebe Knox, Zhiyu Pan, Mekhi Crooks, Ikea Wadsworth

Henry Walters
AP English 11 - Patrick Nichols
English 11 - Ellie Davis
English 12 - AJ Svendsen, Tucker Wheeler, Greg Antonellis

Caroline Doenmez
English 9 - Jesse Garrett-Larsen & Yiran Ouyang

Nellie Herman, Chair
Latin 1 - Woo Jun Nam
Latin 11 - Ben Phillips
Latin III - Jamie Pierce

Cindy Ritter
French 1– Emily Beaupre
French 111 - Stephanie Janetos
French IV - Ashley Arana & Julie Swanson

Rodrigo Villaamil
Spanish 11 - Phoebe Knox
Spanish III - Sydney DeTommaso
Spanish IV - John Zimardo

Caroline Doenmez
Spanish 1 - Tymira Holman
Spanish II– Mylisha Drayton & Reef Rogers

Carol Heath
ESL II - Saioa Ochoa
ESL III - Mo Zhou
ESL WH II - Yunfan Ge

Sarah Doenmez
Barbara Tuchman Award - Highest Achievement - Hannah Whitesel
Passion for History - Tucker DeSisto
Jonathan Spence - Will Utzsneider
Sheer Intellect Award - Yiran Ouyang

Erin Bouton
US History - Wenzhi Cai & Margaret Elliot
World History II - Mekhi Crooks

Brooks Johnson
American Presidency - Myles Jones

Alicia Hammond
Peter Duston US History - Alex Lange
History Electives - Doug Gibson
AP US History - Lukas Barth
Cultural History Award - Ana Garcia
Historical Writing - Sydney DeTomaso

Rodrigo Villaamil
World History II - Leah Star & Alyssa Jones

Jonathan Weis, Chair
Algebra II / Trigonometry - Yuan Fuan
AP Physics - Marc Krumbein
AP Calculus - Mengziying Tu
Geometry - Tyler Jones

John Adams
Algebra 1 - Reef Rogers
Geometry - Mylisha Drayton, Will Utzschneider, & Myles Spencer

Sam Peyton–Levine
Algebra II - Yiran Ouang, Aliyah Westbrook & Peter Bascom
Statistics - Ja’Naya Stacey & Paige Brnger

William Farrell
Physical Science - Reef Rogers, Will Utzsneider, & Hannah Whitesel
Pre-calculus - Emily Beaupre, Peng Zhang, Wenzhi Cai, Alex Lange & Sydney DeTommaso

Katri Jackson, Chair
Chemistry - Alexis Andrus, Yiran Ouang & Sydney DeTommaso
AP Environmental Science - Tucker Wheeler
Science Award - Marc Krumbein

Mallary Blair
Biology - Yuan Feng & Daniel Harrington
Chemistry - Alex Lange & Peter Bascom

Brooks Johnson
Biology - Ikea Wadsworth & Phoebe Knox
Meteorology - Emily Beaupre

Jason Cox
Myles Spencer, Brendan Palmer & Greg Antonellis


(Pictures by Bill Gnade)

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