Shamrock Shirt: A Bit of Dublin Truth and Courage


Mr. Walter Snitko

I have had a fantastic experience working with Mr. Walter Snitko during the past few months. Mr. Snitko has helped me develop strategies to work on efficiently completing assignments, and has helped me prepare for long-term projects. What is far more important about Mr. Snitko, however, is how he doesn't just fill the role of a teacher, but also that of a mentor. I feel like I can go to Mr. Snitko whenever I need some advice on anything, and he is always there to share his sound wisdom. He is an outstanding example of ‘Truth and Courage’ because he truly cares  about helping the students he works with succeed. Mr. Snitko is an unsung hero of Dublin School.


Riley Jacobs '14

I would like to nominate Riley Jacobs ’14 for a Shamrock Shirt. Last Saturday night there was a community spaghetti supper held in Lehmann Hall to benefit a friend of mine who is battling breast cancer. We had way more people than expected, so even though we had a lot of volunteers, we still needed more. I don’t know how it happened, but all of a sudden Riley was standing in line next to me in the buffet line serving spaghetti to people she didn’t know. It was greatly appreciated by all of the other volunteers. I was impressed that instead of going and watching TV or hanging out with friends, she saw that there was a need and she jumped right in to help.  Thank you Riley.


Madame Ritter

I was writing my student ambassador application and when answering the question “Tell us about your favorite Dublin class/sport/activity” this answer came up:

One of my favorite aspects of Dublin life is advisory groups. When I first got to Dublin I was really nervous and I felt like I didn’t know a soul. Then the next destination on my checklist was going to see Ms. Ritter, my adviser. It was a match made in Heaven! Now, I know I can always go to her with problems concerning my grades, teachers, peers, anything and everything under the sun and I know she will support me and be my on side. For me, there is no greater joy than rushing to her classroom to give her good news, because she gets just as excited as I do! Even then I am not a boarding student it is nice to know that I have a second mother so close on campus.

I nominate Ms. Ritter for a shamrock shirt because she is so so so so so so so great!

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