Politics in N.H.

As some of our students and staff members head to the polls today it is a good time to ask the community about the issues in this election that they find most important. My question of the week centered on this very question and the picture attached shows the issues that Ms. Bouton's history class felt were the most important to them. Our campus has been abuzz with political discussion ever since the students in Mr. Johnson's American Presidency class invited the candidates to speak to our community. While only Governor Roemer and Senator Santorum came to school, a number of our students and faculty attended campaign stops of the other candidates when they visited this area. The students were particularly politicized by Senator Santorum's visit and they asked him some very tough questions while he was here. Dublin School has certainly been in the media spotlight since Friday an I could not be prouder of our students' efforts to engage in the political process. They are certainly living our motto of "truth and courage."

-Head of School Brad Bates