Welcoming you to the Perkins Observatory

Dublin School and the director of the Perkins Observatory, Jonathan Weis, would like to welcome all new and returning families to come visit the facility at some point this year. Mr. Weis’ most recent project has been trying to photograph a supernova 21 million light years away! He writes, “ I am usually happy to open the observatory on a day or two's notice.  In fact, if its a clear night with no moon, there's a fair chance I'm already there.  Sometimes  I have the camera on, which precludes using the eyepiece.  On the other hand, the camera lets you take images more deeply remote than the eyepiece allows.  If it is a clear night and you are curious about whether I am up there, call the observatory at x293.  For advance information, email me at jweis@dublinschool.org.”

We would love to get as many parents as possible up to the scope during Parents’ Weekend. Hope to see you there! 



Dublin School

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