All-School Summer Reading Book: Zeitoun

This year’s community Summer Reading book is Zeitoun, the true story of a family’s experience in New Orleans in the midst of Hurricane Katrina. The book was recommended by several faculty members, who found it absorbing and interesting from a variety of perspectives.

This year, there is a new element to the community reading book: we are asking each student to write a 2-3 page reflection on questions relating the book to the School’s motto of truth and courage. These questions, along with other summer reading assignments,  have been e-mailed to all current parents and students, and are posted on the School Area under “Summer Assignments 2011.”  All students were given a copy of the book in the final week of school, and we hope families will enjoy discussing the themes of the book together this summer.

In addition to the community summer book, all  students are assigned books in preparation for their English courses. Students in AP courses have significantly larger assignments. All of these are included in the e-mail that went out, and on the School Area.

Please contact Academic Dean, Sarah Doenmez, with any questions.




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