The Class of 2011 Graduates

On a recent, shining June morning, the members of the class of 2011 ascended to the stage under the tent and graduated from Dublin School. This year’s ceremony retained many of its revered traditions, but also included a lively new energy and tone, largely due to our graduation speaker, P.J. O’Rourke. The renowned author and satirist, who has appeared several times on “The Daily Show,” shook up the audience with an uproarious and unpredictable speech. After deriding the way in which graduation speakers impart their advice upon seniors, he went on to offer his own, unique recommendations to the class of 2011: don’t worry about failing, be sure to act like a teenager now and not when you’re 35,  don’t be sanctimonious, and, most importantly, don’t pierce your tongue.

This atypical and hilarious speech was followed by the faculty goodbye, given by Jung Yun ’02, who works in the Admissions Office. Jung recalled teaching this group of seniors when they came to Dublin as freshmen, and reflected on their growth in the following four years.

The two students who gave the senior goodbye, Eddie O’Donnell and Brittany Williams, both described their experiences at Dublin and the many faculty and friends on this campus who helped to expand and enrich their lives.

After receiving their diplomas, the seniors exited the tent and the congratulatory festivities commenced: bouquets of flowers bloomed in students’ arms, elated parents and students hugged, sentimental faculty members shed tears, and current students bid goodbye to their friends and role models. We couldn’t be more proud of this beautiful group of seniors, and will miss them dearly next year. Congratulations, class of 2011.




Dublin School

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