Prom is always a high point  of the spring term, but this year, with the return of the event to campus, it was an especially welcome occasion.

The students were decked out in their finest, with the ladies in colorful princess gowns and elegant cocktail dresses. The gentlemen were smashing in their tuxedos and suits, and the faculty didn’t look half bad, either.  

Dinner was star-studded, with the dining hall beautifully decorated by Paige Brnger and MinYoung Jeong, the class of 2012, Larry Ames and Dylan Pierpont. The decorative theme of black and white stars made the whole campus shine.

After a delicious meal served in the dining hall, everyone made their way to the Fountain Arts Building for the cherished slide show of the Senior class, put together by Michelle Knapp. The slideshow featured photos of seniors as toddlers and young children, as well as at various stages throughout their Dublin years.

  After the slideshow, students spent hours on the dance floor and taking photos out in the foyer. The night culminated with an ’After Party’ in the gym, featuring carnival games, which provided an exciting way to wrap up the night.

  As one of the final all-school activities before graduation, it was a  meaningful night, and  everyone agreed that the students looked just beautiful.



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