Sending Our Love to Our Japanese Alums and their Families

As soon as news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan were heard in Dublin, the faculty began wondering and worrying about our alums in Japan and their families. We have one current student from Japan, Yuri Tsuchida, and we quickly heard that her family in Tokyo are safe. Her mother did make a trip to Tokyo immediately after the quake, and reported that people were worried about the situation but not physically in danger at that point. Next we heard from last year's student, Makoto Ogawa, who confirmed that he was fine too. Yuko Kimura ’04 reported that her family in Tokyo was well.

   Through the marvel of Facebook, we were able to find Hitomi Kawasaki, who has just been married, Yuki Funabashi, who with her two children are living in Tokyo, and Eddie Nohmura, who is in Osaka working for his family's firm, and is also unaffected by the immediate damage. We are so relieved to learn that all of these alums and their relations are safe!    

   However, we have no news as yet of Samon Saiki, Tetsuya Miyamae, Hitoshi Kawasaki, Nakauchi, Yamato Ishitate or Jiro Ikegaya. If anyone has contact information or has heard from these alums, please let us know what you have heard.  To all our Japanese alums and families, you are in our hearts and minds. Dublin feels for you and for all Japan at this time, and sends our very best wishes. We hope to be more in touch in the future.

   Dublin's Junior class is currently conducting a fundraiser to provide some help to the people of Japan as they rebuild. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Paige Brnger ’12. Min Young Jeong ’12, or Alison Porier ’12. All funds will go to the Red Cross.

                                        -Mrs. Sarah Doenmez


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