The Dublin School production of the musical “Pippin” spotlighted the talents of the students in our School. This was the first production in the recently built FAB. The cast included Charlie Imhoff ’13 as Pippin, Peter Bascom ’13 and Min Young Jeong ’12 as the leading players, Eddie O’Donnell ’11 as Charlemagne, and many more. The play producer was Ms. Jan Haman. She has done many other plays including the very successful “Our Town.” The set of the play was very colorful and bright; it made each scene stand out.

Everything was spectacular, from the costumes and the backgrounds to the music and the lighting. Even more spectacular were the actors. They did a wonderful job. They stayed in character and made sure they had memorized every line without one slip up. I’m not a big “play person” but this play was an exception. It had everyone smiling and laughing, from musical numbers to smart remarks. Lastly, my favorite part of the play was the moral of it. It was telling us that sometimes your life has to be exquisite, and you can find enjoyment and happiness in having a simple life.

-Written by Mekhi Crooks ’14


Dublin School

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