On Monday, Mr. Bates announced at School Meeting that the path leading from campus to Hoyt-Horner and Tuttle House has been named “Nancy’s Path” in honor of one of the School’s founders, Nancy Lehmann. He then introduced Mrs. Lehmann’s daughter, Louisa  Lehmann Birch, who spoke fondly of her mother’s presence at the School. She also alluded to her mother’s affection for the garden area at the start of the path, explaining that the laurel shrubs that grow there were her parents’ favorite plants. She went on to describe her mother: “She was a full partner with my father, Paul, and was involved in the daily life of the School for 35 years. She taught classes; kept the books (was the business manager, although she never called it that); raised four children; and was a great listener to students and faculty. My father was a stern Headmaster, not always approachable to everyone, but mother was his softer side. Everyone went to her with their questions or problems.  Last year, an alum from the ’50’s told me ‘Your mother was a mother to us all.’ So, as you walk Nancy’s Path, in the corner of campus that was her favorite, I hope you will feel that mother is here in spirit. I’d like for you all to think of her as your mother, too.”


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