Mountain Day

We enjoyed picture perfect weather on our wonderful Mountain Day hike up Mount Monadnock last Friday. This might have been the first time that I surprised the entire community (although Kenny Navedo ’14 claims he knew all along) with my announcement; actually I rang the William North Bell wearing Paul Lehmann’s hat while blowing his old brass horn to signal the start of Mountain Day. The kids made their sandwiches, loaded in to the vans and headed to Monadnock State Park to start climbing the White Dot Trail. Jonathan Weis led an intrepid group up the longer Pumpelly Trail and found the old cave on the way down.                                                     

What struck me the most about the day was the spirit of our community as we occupied the summit of the mountain. Students cheering one another along, eating their well-earned candy bars, and faculty enjoying a short break from their busy schedules to enjoy the sunshine and the special camaraderie they share with one another. We put so much time into planning classes, practices, events that it is sometimes nice to have our routines briefly and unexpectedly interrupted to take time to celebrate community and enjoy the beautiful out of doors that we are so fortunate to have right in our backyard. -Head of School Mr. Bates


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