Trey Whitfield School’s Annual Visit Honors MLK Jr Day

Every year, on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, we look forward to a visit from our sister school in Brooklyn, NY, The Trey Whitfield School.

The School brings its Student Choir to celebrate Dr. King with beautiful songs, bright smiles and
infectious energy. During the performances, Dublin students and faculty alike were pulled on stage. Alums of Trey Whitfield School who are currently Dublin students include Brittany Williams ’11, Karion Smith ’13, Aliyah Westbrook ’13, Jeffrey Brathwaite ’13 and Myles and Tyler Jones ’12 & ’14.

After the performance, TWS founder AB Whitfield spoke to our community about appreciating each other and calling this School a “heaven, a refuge” for the students who are able to come here. We can think of no better way to both honor the Civil Rights hero and celebrate the connection between our two schools.