Anatomy of a Weekend

I am sitting in my office on Wednesday morning watching waves of snow pound our campus! From my office I can see two students volunteering to shovel our paths, one student cross country skiing to class, Andy plowing the roads, and off in the distance, Rich is attempting to groom the new Norm Wight Ski Slope for the family fun race and slope dedication this weekend.

I am not writing, however, about this coming weekend. I wanted to tell everyone about what went on here last weekend, the first weekend of 2011. I was a proud Head of School when I both witnessed and heard about how many students embraced the snowy and cold weather and went outside! Just to name a few of the events of the weekend; we had forty students show up for a snowy ice skating party at the pond with a raging bonfire to keep everyone warm. Four students went ice fishing with Mr. Pierpont on a local lake and even caught a fish. A large group of students went sledding on our new sledding hill above Memorial Field. Three students climbed Mt. Monadnock with Mr. Weis at 7:00 am on Sunday! Work gangs spread across campus. A van of skiers and snowboarders spent a day skiing at Crotched Mountain, and I noticed a number of tracks on our cross country skiing trails on the lower campus. Lastly, students and teachers squared off in two intense pond hockey games on Saturday and Sunday (I have the bruises to show for it).

I feel fortunate to work with such a dedicated and creative faculty and thank them for all the effort they invested to make the weekend such a positive experience for our students. Now I can’t wait to get out and ski, skate, and sled with everyone this weekend! I hope to see a good crowd here on Sunday.